A guide to planning a home marquee wedding

With Home Marquee Weddings , you have some seriously stylish options available – all which come with their own unique style, aesthetic and not forget price!  At EPIC, we specialise in the design & planning of Home Marquee Weddings therefore we wanted to guide you with some of our advice in which we have learnt over this past decade. 

If you are planning a home marquee wedding, first things first; there is a lot more work involved in this option and a lot more to consider!  Saying that, if done right – it can be EPIC.  Let’s look at some considerations and options for you to think about;

Finding the perfect site

First things first, you will need to find a space which will be big enough to fit your marquee. This may seem straightforward however you need to think of the extras such as a catering annex, toilets, parking, outdoor seating  and generator space.  Another  factor to consider is the time of year you want to get married. Winter marquee weddings can be expensive to execute with the dark evenings and cold weather, so bear this in mind!

Finding your marquee style 

There are plenty of marquee styles and companies to choose from and you need to make sure it fits in with your own individual style i.e. glasshouse / orangery, teepee, sperry tents etc.  


Remember- marquee weddings lack the infrastructure a traditional venue would have readily available. Therefore there are a LOT of logistics to consider.   Every detail needs to be taken into consideration from electricity, water, parking, toilets, power sources, catering annex, waste disposal etc.  

Styling your Marquee Wedding

The main reason we love a Marquee Wedding is that you can unleash your creativity and bring your personality to your Wedding Day. Your Marquee is essentially a blank canvas therefore it’s SO important to think about your Wedding Design & Styling.  Think about those details, what flooring do you want / what kind of lighting / banquet or round seating / chairs / floral design – the list is endless! 

Hiring a Planner 

Marquee Weddings can be notoriously tricky to plan as they require a lot more thinking in terms of logistics and all the additional extras to make your Wedding day run smoothly. With marquee weddings, you are literally building your own wedding venue therefore hiring a planner allows them to take control of all the logistics and the suppliers ensuring a smooth running and execution on the day. Hiring a planner will also save you time, effort and money – you can guarantee that any costly mistakes will not be made. 

If you have any questions on how to plan a home wedding please get in touch here and we would be delighted to help! 

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